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Is it normal to feel this overwhelmed?

Asking for a friend.

But no, really. I do this to myself. I constantly have to have at least 199 active projects going at any certain time. Why? Am I a glutton for punishment?? I must be. My latest is this webpage. I already have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (haven't used it in years, so it actually probably can't be considered), an online boutique, a brick & mortar storefront, a house full of cute but crazy little devil-children, & animals that don't stop annoying me.

I should be vacuuming, or dusting, or killing one of the 10 million flies that reside with me. But instead, I'm going to continue to drive myself toward insanity & not do any of those things.

Stay tuned for the crazy shit that happens in my life, some (hopefully) really yummy recipes, my best advice on how to navigate life while my 4 year old hangs off my neck, barely allowing me enough airway to breathe, with her tiny, sticky hands covering my eyes.

Also - some shit I love that you'll probably want, too.

Live in the sunshine. Xo,


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