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My Low Carb "Go-To" Options

Low carb days are my jam... but only for about 2 days, because I'm a self-proclaimed carb fanatic. Seriously... I've tried Keto... & failed miserably... because I was so miserable.

The FASTer Way has perfected the low carb diet... 2 days to get your high-fat food fix & then back to happiness. We have a few tried & true low carb meals at my house that we cycle through. I wanted to share them with you here, but you can also find them in my slowly-growing Recipe Library. & I'm always playing in the kitchen, so I'll definitely be inventing even more recipes as we go!

1) Tacos... in a bowl, on a bed of lettuce, wrapped in lettuce, with riced cauliflower. Season up your fave protein - we usually do ground beef or shredded chicken. Add your vegetable fixings, drop some guac & pour on the salsa, maybe a little cheese & sour cream (low carb days are the only days I cheat with dairy, & only sometimes)...

2) Breakfast: eggs, any way ya like 'em! Add bacon & pork sausage to really hit those fat macros!

3) Stir Fry: Chicken or steak (I'm personally not a shrimp fan but hubs loves it)... add veggies (I cheat & buy mine pre-packaged in the semi-fresh veggie section at the grocery store). Stir fry in a healthy oil option (coconut, avocado, or olive) & sprinkle in some coconut aminos (the healthy soy sauce) & enjoy!

4) Ham & Turkey pinwheels... this one is pretty basic. I just lay out some shaved deli meat, add some shredded lettuce & mayo... then roll it up & stuff it in my mouth!

5) Peanut butter spooners! Scoop & swallow (low-sugar brands give more bang for their buck!)

6) Nuts & berries... almonds, walnuts, pecans, macadamias, brazils... alternate with a bite of raspberries & blueberries for some added sweetness.

7) Pickles. A go-to snack when I need some salt.

8) Hardboiled eggs, cut in half & topped with a shmear of organic mayo + a dollop of spicy mustard

9) Naked Big Mac Salad - this one's a fave. Grilled cheeseburger (or cheese-less burger) cut into bite size pieces, crumbled crispy bacon, pickles, tomatoes (I'm not an onion lover), any other burger toppings of your choice... & I drop a mixture of 2 tbsp mayo + 1 tsp mustard & mix. You'll never need a bun again.

10) Fast food options include salads w/ meat added (minus croutons & sugary dressings), an unwich option at Jimmy Johns, or Qdoba/Chipotle naked burrito. Many sandwich/burger options can be made low-carb by removing the bun

This is my exhaustive list (that I can think of right now, anyways.... it is 9 pm on a Monday, after all) of my low carb faves. My kids eat all of these the same as any other food that I make them, which is not really at all. That's a whole new post.


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