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Self-Limiting Beliefs...

What they are, how they are holding you back, & what you can do about them.


We all have them. They are our greatest comfort, & our greatest enemy. These are specific to each person, but many of them we share.

They are the lies we tell ourselves, the excuses we make, the ideas we have been taught & now believe to be the honest-to-God truth.

Even as a health coach, a business owner, a face of confidence & determination... I have my own set of self-limiting beliefs. The only difference between me & anyone else is that I act AGAINST these thoughts & ideas. I make my decisions, or sometimes, because of them. Here are some of the most common self-limiting beliefs I've held about myself (& I know they affect many others, as well).

These apply to EVERY aspect of our lives... but with my New Year's New Client Round coming up January 4th, I'm going to be specific to the FASTer Way to Fat Loss.

1) I'm too old (or young)

- Come on, you've said it... I'm too old to start something new... I'm too young to need a wellness program... Our age is simply a reference to the year we were born, not to any of our actual abilities or talents or knowledge. & to top it off, the FWTFL was created & transformed BY all ages, FOR all ages.

2) I'm super busy... I don't have time...

- BAD excuse. We're all busy. If anything, the FASTer Way has given me MORE energy to do more with the time I do have. I'm able to wake up earlier, stay up later, & avoid napping. It's also taught me how to better organize the hours I do have. I schedule in the things that I'm learning are important - meals & meal planning, physical activity, rest, mindset development.

3) I'm not athletic, I can't do the workouts.

- Trust me on this one... NEITHER WAS I. I joined this program for the nutrition... which is great, because success in this program comes 80-90% from nutrition. You can find success even without participating in the workouts. But now, personally... I LOVE the workouts. I LOVE how athletic I feel. I have muscles, you guys! Who knew?!

4) I'm a picky eater, so there's no way I could follow a meal plan.

- Yep, me too. The meal plan is a suggestion, a guide. There are SO many options for meal ideas & recipes. I personally make an effort to make my own meals that are geared toward picky eaters & families with young kids, & then I share them with YOU!

5) I'm pregnant, trying to get pregnant, breastfeeding, or postpartum.

- This is the best news!! What a perfect time to honor your body by feeding it what it needs! Sure, there are some adjustments or special considerations for this demographic of women, but the FASTer Way has a program tailored to fit these needs! We are here to ENHANCE the journey to motherhood!

6) I have hypothyroidism (or another chronic issue affecting hormones)

- So do MANY other clients, & they have actually found relief from symptoms or normalization of lab values! The FASTer Way lifestyle was developed to feed our metabolism, aka our thyroid function!

7) I've tried other programs & failed. Why invest in another??

- The FASTer Way is unlike ANY other program out there. & it's guaranteed with a good faith effort.

8) I don't want to meal prep.

- You don't have to! It's an option, sure, but there are many different ways to make this lifestyle work for you!

9) I don't have anyone to do it with me; I lack support.

- Success in the FASTer Way (or any program, for that matter!) comes down to accountability, encouragement, & support! That is why it's my promise to you to provide just that! Paired with a nationwide community of like-minded women (& men!) from all walks of life, personalized coaching from yours truly will give you the guidance & love you need every step of the way!

10) I don't have access to healthy foods!

- We are great at thinking outside the box! I'm actually getting pretty good myself at finding awesome deals on awesome products that are healthy! & no need to make it complicated, fresh fruits, vegetables, meats, etc. (aka healthy whole foods) are available almost everywhere!

See what I mean by limiting?? Each of these 10 "beliefs" sets us up to fail. However, the FASTer Way recognizes these common pain-points & has built strategies to get you OVER these obstacles for elevated health, an elevated mindset, an elevated life.

Trust your gut. Listen to the small voice that's pushing you in the direction of your greatest potential. Register for our January 4th round & get started today!!



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