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The not-so-sweet truth about sugar...

To start, I need to apologize because I have not raved about this opportunity enough. Starting tomorrow, FWTFL is hosting a FREE 5-day sugar detox to anyone interested in decreasing the amount of this addictive substance we are putting into our bodies.

There is absolutely NO health benefit our bodies receive from sugar in its unnatural forms. In fact, it usually leads to many health concerns such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorders, & many more??

So why are Americans now ingesting more sugar than ever before?? Obviously, many reasons.

It tastes "good".

It's cheap.

It's convenient.

It's a hidden ingredient.

& quite frankly, we're addicted to it.

Detoxing our bodies from this unnecessary substance has numerous benefits, including more energy, better sleep, healthier skin, decreased risk of disease, healthier body composition, & too many others to count in just one post.

So join me tomorrow, 10/12 for this free course. There are no strings attached. Just a chance to gain some knowledge, feel incredible, & start the journey of improving your health.

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